We challenge you to think differently. It’s all about challenges – they’re fun, engaging, and transformative.
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We connect innovators from around the world to stimulate the development of ideas for the future. We believe that young professionals and enthusiasts play a key role in preparing for the future. We want to enhance the Future of Education and bridge the gap between organizations and the power of innovative ideas to make these future ideas become a reality.


We work hard, and we play hard. We are unique in the way we help young graduates and professionals promote themselves and their creative ideas. We help them turn their research into practical solutions for real-life challenges. We promote organizations by connecting them to young bright talents through our large community of innovative graduates, cool organizations, and top university professors.


We offer two connected concepts. We created the Academic Competition to let young professionals challenge themselves, win a mentorship opportunity and showcase their ideas to a large audience of innovative organizations and individuals. Offering our expertise to you, together we create Challenges for your selected target group so that you can innovate better, faster and cheaper!


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